Welcome to our attempt to figure out our family tree!  These pages will update as new information is available.

If you have any information (including pictures!) let us know, and we we try to get them added.


Huttick's Powers'

Rev. Date: Changes:
8 03 Jul 06 Additions additions, additions...
New format...
Links to the bulletin board (a.k.a. Rabbit Trails)...
7 02 Apr 05 Additions to just about every family...
New pictures, new content, fixes to bad data...
6 18 July 04 More updates.
Additions to the Powers' Family
Fixes to the Schwartzstrub's Family
Pictures, pictures, pictures...
Addition of the "tree" .pdf's below...
4 23 Feb 04 Fixed some issues with some of the pictures.
Temporarily removing some of Arthur Huttick's pictures for space/size issues.
3 22 Feb 04 Formatting fixes
Added Schwartzstrub's
2 21 Feb 04 More Huttick's
First posting of Powers', DeGroat's, and Staley's
1 19 Feb 04 First posting of genealogy.  Huttick's ~80% complete (all current data, but lacking many of the eventual pictures.

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